Everyday I come across parents who put a great deal of emphasis on education. They rush their children through the step-by-step motion of memorizing terms and mathematical methods just to stay ahead of the curriculum. They’re so focused on the grading scale that they don’t realize the most important factor of learning; the fun. Our kids grow up losing the desire to learn because it lacks the enthusiasm it once had. We cheer and dance around during first steps, first words and the first day of school but never on repeated positive experiences. Children start to see intelligence as lame or uncool, while finding ignorance and rude remarks as something to admire. When we go through the motions just to get by we miss out on the exciting moments, the chance at good memories and bonding. It’s okay to challenge your child educationally but remember, they’re kids. Instead of keeping them behind stacks of work, take them outside to truly experience the lesson. Teaching them the alphabet? Take them to the zoo and help them find animals that start with each letter. Want them to learn their colors? Take them outside for splatter painting. We remember life in the moments we share, not the individual days. Make a day of learning something to cherish. It’s more than just gettin from point A to B. It’s about the exciting new path that leads us to that destination. 


There’s A First For Everything

   The phrase couldn’t be more true. We are born knowing nothing about the world. We each must learn to take our first steps, not just figuratively but in a literal sense as well. For me, this post is my first step to blogging. I look forward to being a part of the blogger community and reading your posts! Please bare with me as I journey through the life of blogging and parenthood.